Five element acupuncture

Image of flowering bud - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic Five element acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine that supports the natural healing power of the body, by treating the root cause of illness from deep within the body, mind and spirit. This tradition of acupuncture endeavours to find and treat the cause of disease (the fundamental imbalance within each patient), return the patient to balance and then maintain the health of the patient in a preventative sense. By treating the patient’s core imbalance, and not just the associated symptoms, the patient is restored to health. 
It is not always useful, and can even be seriously detrimental, to simply eradicate symptoms as the cause of disease remains untreated and ready to manifest in time as yet another set of symptoms.… read more...

Treatment FAQs

Trees in Hyde Park- © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic Q: What can acupuncture treat? A: Acupuncture can be beneficial for a wide range of illnesses, from very clearly defined complaints to more general feelings of ill health and low energy. Take a look at the British Acupuncture Council’s Research fact sheets  to find out more about the available research into the efficacy of acupuncture with specific complaints. Q: What is Five Element acupuncture? A: Five Element acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that endeavours to support the natural healing power of the body. It addresses the root cause of illness by assisting and revitalizing the patient from deep within the body, mind and spirit, thus helping one live with optimum health and vitality. Q: Is the needling painful? A: Everyone feels something slightly different.… read more...

Acupuncture practitioners

Small leaf in Hyde Park - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic All of the practitioners treating at the Source Clinic are members of the British Acupuncture Council and are therefore fully insured practitioners who adhere to accepted codes of conduct and professional practice. Bruce McCallum Aaron Deemer Victoria Moss Claire Dabreo Teresa Redding… read more...

Acupuncture for fertility

Fertility problems can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, as couples and individuals navigate the difficult journey of trying to conceive.
 Many people try acupuncture for fertility issues and often with great success. At the Source Clinic we feel that one of the great strengths of five element acupuncture is the ‘de-stressing’ nature of the treatment and this is part of its effectiveness with fertility issues.

There are, of course, many causes of infertility and we are aware that you may need to do more to maximise your chances of conceiving. We often feel it necessary to consult with other specialists and actively work with the other alternative therapists at the Source Clinic, be it dietary advice from our nutritionist, or structural support from our osteopath, or massage therapist.

Our aim in all cases is to support and assist in any way we can throughout the fertility process. This is usually a highly emotional time and, with your hopes and expectations on the line, we will be there to support you at every stage of this sensitive journey. Whether you are wanting get pregnant naturally, or looking for acupuncture while going through assisted conception, the practitioners at the Source Clinic will do everything they can to help.


Acupuncture posts

  • Image of trees in Hyde Park - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic

    A Tree is a Cathedral

    #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */   Over the weekend, while I wandered in Hyde Park, Thich Naht Hanh’s wonderful description of trees and nature kept coming to me, so I thought I would share his words alongside a few of my photographs… By Thich Naht Hanh A tree to me is as beautiful as a cathedral.  Even more beautiful. I look into the tree and I see the whole cosmos in it. I see the sunshine in the tree.  Without the sunshine no tree can grow. I see a cloud in the tree.  … read more...
  • Monastery in Taipei, Taiwan - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic

    Balance is Beautiful

    For a long time I thought about moving out of the city and into nature. I was looking for a place of ease and quiet, peace and balance. Then I realized that the simplicity I was looking for doesn’t in fact come from nature, it comes from me. Yes, being in nature feels great for a time, but long-term ease can never be sustained by anything or anyone external. Feeling balanced comes from within, so finding the right internal tools and techniques that work for you is really what it’s all about. Once we have these tools, what a relief it is to discover that we can find ease and simplicity, even in the midst of a busy city like London, without having to look beyond ourselves!… read more...
  • Acupuncture at the Source Clinic - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic

    How does acupuncture work?

    The exact mechanism for how acupuncture works is a bit of a mystery. This sounds quite disturbing of course and is a major reason why western medicine has difficulty with it. Although not all aspects of western medicine are fully understood (general anaesthesia being one), it is understandable that there are doubts about the ‘truth’ of acupuncture in the mostly physical world of western medicine. I was recently made aware of an (2010) article by Duncan McGechie who discusses the possibility of a link between the acupuncture channels and the body’s connective tissue or fascia. There is not a continuous correlation between the acupuncture channel pathways and the nerve pathways or blood vessels so a helpful physical link between the energetics of the acupuncture channels and the structure of the body is seemingly elusive.… read more...