Acupuncture and fertility

Regardless of the reason for treatment, Five Element acupuncture has two happy side effects – firstly, a general sense of well being and calm is a common
comment from patients after the first couple of treatments. Similarly, stress levels are felt to be lower and life & work seem more manageable – clearly, the acupuncture has not magically removed the stressors or made the world a less hectic place, but calm and un-stress (new word) are common results of five element acupuncture treatment. Second happy side effect – body cycles regulate. Menstrual cycles, sleep cycles, eating cycles, bowel movements often improve and when this happens, ones’ sense of general wellbeing increases further as your body and mind move towards balance.
This is a happy outcome and one that is essential to boosting fertility in my opinion. Apart from any physical reason for not getting pregnant, someone with a calm and unstressed outlook, good sleep and regular, frequent periods stands a far better chance of falling pregnant that someone with massive levels of stress, 3 hours of sleep a night and a period every other month. This is basic stuff – if you’re battling to fall pregnant, there are some no-brainers that are simple to include in your daily life:

  • Drink water (a lot is good) – everything works better when you’re in an hydrated state (even your thought processes).
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – no need to stop a nice glass of wine with dinner  once in a while, but don’t go over the top with alcohol. It’ll also get you in the zone for when you are pregnant and stop alcohol altogether.
  • Get some exercise – not too much, now is NOT the time to start training for a marathon. You need to keep active and moving but overdoing it is worse than underdoing it.
  • Eat properly – eat varied and eat well. Like alcohol, there’s no need to banish cake entirely, but moderation is the way forward.
  • Get some five element acupuncture treatment – acupuncture and fertility go well together.

Whether you’re trying naturally or have decided to pursue IVF or some sort of help with conception, the above stands – it’s a common sense approach that is easy to implement & sustain.

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