Balance is Beautiful

For a long time I thought about moving out of the city and into nature. I was looking for a place of ease and quiet, peace and balance. Then I realized that the simplicity I was looking for doesn’t in fact come from nature, it comes from me.

Yes, being in nature feels great for a time, but long-term ease can never be sustained by anything or anyone external.

Feeling balanced comes from within, so finding the right internal tools and techniques that work for you is really what it’s all about.

Once we have these tools, what a relief it is to discover that we can find ease and simplicity, even in the midst of a busy city like London, without having to look beyond ourselves!

Here are a few techniques that you may want to try:

  1. For the first 30 minutes of your morning, and the last 30 minutes before bed, stop talking.  By choosing to be consciously quiet, we can begin to wind down from the inside out.
  2. Set an alarm to go off every hour (the countdown timer on the iPhone is perfect for this) and take 3 minutes to sit up a little straighter and take a few deep nourishing breaths.
  3. Understanding your emotions is a great way to stay at ease, so take 5 minutes every day to write down how you feel.  Try just writing without thinking about what comes out, and once you’re finished shred or burn what you wrote.

“Balance is beautiful.” –  Miyoko Ohno, Japanese bridge designer


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2 Responses to “Balance is Beautiful”
  1. such great and simple advice. wonderful. i will share it!