Bone Marrow Qigong

I’ve been loving my Qigong practice these days, and also really enjoying sharing and teaching some of these simple techniques.  More and more I see the importance of all of us getting a little more in touch with our energy, and Qigong is a great way to start.

One of the really positive aspects of Qigong is that many of the sequences can be practiced anywhere and by anyone.  Whether it’s used to nourish and energize you first thing in the morning, relax you before an important meeting, or quiet you down before bed, Qigong is a great practice for everyone.

Prescribed Qigong sequences can complement the work that acupuncture does with needles, moving the qi and circulating it throughout the body. For specific ailments, practicing qigong can help release stuck qi or stabilize overly active qi, depending on the need.

The following sequence is a bone marrow practice that focuses on nourishing and energizing your qi.  Whether you’re wanting to feel more energetic, or just feel lighter and more clear, this sequence is a wonderful all around practice that I work with every day.

Sending you health and happiness for the year of the Water Snake.  Let’s hope it’s a little calmer than the Dragon!

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