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Acupuncture and fertility

Regardless of the reason for treatment, Five Element acupuncture has two happy side effects – firstly, a general sense of well being and calm is a common comment from patients after the first couple of treatments. Similarly, stress levels are felt to be lower and life & work seem more manageable – clearly, the acupuncture has not magically […]

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Image of trees in Hyde Park - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic

A Tree is a Cathedral

    Over the weekend, while I wandered in Hyde Park, Thich Naht Hanh’s wonderful description of trees and nature kept coming to me, so I thought I would share his words alongside a few of my photographs… By Thich Naht Hanh A tree to me is as beautiful as a cathedral.  Even more beautiful. I look into […]

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Monastery in Taipei, Taiwan - © 2012 Aaron Deemer, Source Clinic

Balance is Beautiful

For a long time I thought about moving out of the city and into nature. I was looking for a place of ease and quiet, peace and balance. Then I realized that the simplicity I was looking for doesn’t in fact come from nature, it comes from me. Yes, being in nature feels great for […]

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