I have always believed that the presence and clarity of a health practitioner are often the most essential prerequisites for offering a healing environment for patients. Aaron has that ineffable quality of calmness that invites one into a place of balance. This combined with an acute perception and skill in acupuncture make him a rare find. I recommend him wholeheartedly and only regret he does not live in New Zealand!

Donna Farhi, author of “Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living”

I came to Bruce at a time when I was already getting valuable help from psychoanalysis, as well as healing through yoga, but I was still locked into the symptoms of bulimia and felt anxious all the time. I had suffered with an eating disorder since childhood and just couldn’t shake the compulsion of bulimia. I was skeptical about acupuncture, but I felt drawn to try it out, as I had heard it helps with anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviours. Acupuncture had a powerful effect on me from day one – but in the beginning, for the first two weeks, I felt awful; I was exhausted, emotionally low and my bulimia persisted. I went to see Bruce once a week at first and he explained that this can happen. I felt Bruce understood me and I appreciated his honesty and assurance. I had a sense of trust in his approach from the outset. After the third treatment, I felt calm and grounded within myself. It was subtle, but I felt different. Since then, I have not been bulimic once. I think I am lucky that there was such a concrete symptom against which I could measure the difference, which meant I stayed committed to the process. I believe that my recovery, after twenty years of an active eating disorder, emerged due to the combination of acupuncture with my simultaneous dedication to the psychoanalytic therapy process, and of course my own longing to let this old, destructive behaviour go. It’s hard to put into words what acupuncture feels like or does, but there’s definitely a sense of pausing, re-balancing and harmonising. I still have anxious days and get down, but I am in another place all together compared to where I was two years ago. I go to acupuncture once every four to six weeks these days, unless I am feel rocky, when I might need an extra session. I am so grateful that I gave it a try and would never have predicted the life-changing effect.

Laura – London

Acupuncture is having a positive effect on my sleep disorder (parasomnia) which is mostly triggered by stress. I have tried hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and medication for epilepsy. The CBT and medication did help a little, but the medication made me drowsy and I was also concerned about taking medication for a lengthy time. Since having acupuncture it has made me address the stress of my everyday life as the treatment is holistic!
Carly – Weymouth

I was scared of needles and sceptical about the benefits of acupuncture but I was amazed by the results that Aaron Deemer has achieved even after one session. Source Clinic is like a little oasis of calm in the busy city. You go in feeling anxious, stressed or just out of sorts and leave feeling grounded, centred and able to face the world’s challenges. Everyone should have an opportunity to experience its effects.
Petra – London

I had an old hamstring injury, which several sessions of physiotherapy had failed to improve. Having acupuncture helped to alleviate the pain and increased the elasticity of the muscle and I was very happy with the outcome. Bruce tailored the sessions so that we could also improve my general well being, helping with relaxation, sleep and energy levels. I highly recommend!”
Angie – London