Treatment FAQs

Q: What can acupuncture treat?

A: Acupuncture can be beneficial for a wide range of illnesses, from very clearly defined complaints to more general feelings of ill health and low energy. Take a look at the British Acupuncture Council’s Research fact sheets  to find out more about the available research into the efficacy of acupuncture with specific complaints.

Q: What is Five Element acupuncture?

A: Five Element acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that endeavours to support the natural healing power of the body. It addresses the root cause of illness by assisting and revitalizing the patient from deep within the body, mind and spirit, thus helping one live with optimum health and vitality.

Q: Is the needling painful?
A: Everyone feels something slightly different. Some people will feel the Qi (energy or vital force) manifest at the points as a dull or achy sensation, but whatever the feeling, it tends to pass quickly. Many consider their acupuncture treatment to be a peaceful, calming respite from daily life.

Q: I am scared of needles, can I still have acupuncture?
A: Yes. There are even certain styles of acupuncture that use a type of needle that doesn’t even break the skin. Generally speaking though, acupuncture needles are so fine that most people get over their fear very quickly, when they realise how small the needles actually are.

Q: What can I expect during the first treatment?
A: The treatment course begins with an initial consultation of approximately 90 minutes that includes your first treatment. A complete personal history, investigating your past and current health issues, as well as your lifestyle, work and personal situations will be taken. We will be doing a lot of talking things through before we move on to a brief physical exam and the first treatment.

Q: What can I expect during follow up treatments?
A: Follow up treatments last 45 minutes and follow the path we started along in the initial consultation: no two treatments will be the same as we are always following a progression from imbalance to balance. Your feedback and the practitioners observations will guide this progression.

Q: How will I feel after treatment?
A: You are likely to feel relaxed and calm. If the treatment has been particularly strong you may feel tired or drowsy and it is worth bearing this in mind if you plan to drive or use any other machinery soon afterwards.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A:In the early stages of treatment, the follow-ups are relatively frequent; once weekly for three or four weeks but our aim is to gradually increase the gap between treatments until we reach the ‘maintenance’ stage of treatment when we will work on keeping you healthy in a preventative sense. This phase often involves a treatment frequency of between 4 weeks and 2 months.

Q: Will acupuncture work with Western medicine?
A: Yes, acupuncture has been found extremely useful for people who have either not responded to conventional forms of treatment or wish to augment Western medicine. Acupuncture generally does not detract from the effectiveness of Western medications, but may instead enhance your results.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about the Source Clinic?
A: Yes, read all about it here.