Summer Qi Gong

We hope you enjoy our latest Qi Gong video focusing on balancing and energizing the meridians and the organs associated with summer in Five Element practice.

At its core, Qi Gong is a medical self practice and therapy that works with the conscious movement of breath and mental focus to balance the energy or qi within the body and the mind.  Here we are working on balancing the heart, the small intestine, the pericardium and the triple heater meridians.

To understand this a little better try to think of optimal health as being the balanced and free flowing movement of energy inside you.  When there is balance there is neither too much nor too little energy.  When we’re sick or stressed, or even just uncomfortable, this is a sign that the energy inside us is not balanced.

As an acupuncturist one of my roles is to use needles to facilitate greater balance, so that energy can fill into areas of depletion or release from areas of congestion.  Prescribed Qi Gong sequences can have similar effects as the needles in that they move the qi and circulate it throughout the body.

So as we move through summer, we hope you can continue to practice the fire qi gong sequence, so you can remain energized and nourished all year round.

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